Friday, September 6, 2013

NERC Releases the Final CIP Version 5 Transition Plan

Nov. 26: For my analysis of what FERC Order 791 means, including timeline for CIP V5/V6 and the transition to them, please see this exceedingly long post.

Nov. 8: It is very likely FERC will approve CIP Version 5 before Thanksgiving, most likely at their meeting on Nov. 21.  Of course, what will be important is the Order they issue with V5.  When that is issued, your reporter will sequester himself until he has figured out what it means, and will post that as soon as possible thereafter.

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Yesterday, NERC released the final, approved version of the CIP Version 5 Transition Plan.  I see very little that has changed since the preliminary plan was released.  Since I wrote a post on that plan (which has gotten close to 500 hits in the 6 weeks since I posted it), I have just updated that a little (plus I took “preliminary” out of the title).  Please read that post for a discussion of what’s in the plan.

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