Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Webinar Recording Posted

I’m pleased to announce that the recording of the webinar I did on June 18 with Steve Parker and Karl Perman of EnergySec has now been posted here; the slides are also linked on that page.  The webinar addressed the issues raised in NERC’s April Memorandum on “Network and Externally Accessible Devices”, including the question whether devices that are serially connected within a substation nevertheless participate in External Routable Connectivity, if a routable protocol is used somewhere along the external communications stream.

You may want to download the slides before you listen to the recording, since the first five or six slides are sometimes hard to read because of a “ghosting” problem.

We announced at the webinar that we’ll have a new webinar in August on issues with Configuration and Change Management in CIP-010-2 (I had stated when I announced this past webinar that we were going to address that topic there. However, we decided that just discussing the ERC Memorandum would take up the whole hour, so we shouldn’t try to do more than that. As you’ll see when you listen to the recording, we certainly made the right decision).  I should have the announcement for the new webinar posted soon.

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