Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You May Want to Reread Yesterday's Post

As I usually do, this morning I reviewed my post from yesterday, to see if there were a few minor tweaks I wanted to make. I found some minor tweaks, of course, but I also found a major one: I realized that the scenario I outlined in that post could be accomplished without requiring FERC to issue a separate Order pushing the CIP v5 enforcement date back. In other words, the v5 and v6 enforcement dates would both be pushed back, as long as FERC doesn't approve v6 in the last quarter of 2015. No extra effort is required on either FERC's or NERC's part, for this to happen.

So you may want to reread that post, if you read it through the email feed (or if you read it online before you saw this post). There is another advantage to the revised post: It's now shorter and much less complicated. How often does that happen on Tom Alrich's Blog? It's got to be a first.

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