Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Free Offer: CIP Version 5 “Quick Check”

Note from Tom: Deloitte Advisory has offered this workshop to a number of NERC entities in the past couple of months, and have found an excellent reception for it. If you are interested in this, please get in touch with me. Note that I can’t guarantee we can accommodate everybody in this offer, but I would certainly like to have a conversation with you!

The compliance date for NERC CIP version 5 is rapidly approaching. Most NERC entities have already put a lot of effort into their CIP v5 compliance projects. But what is “compliance”? Because of the many new complexities in v5 and the changing guidance from NERC and the Regions, many – if not most – NERC entities still have substantial questions about what the CIP v5 requirements and definitions mean. This is especially true given the recent notice that FERC will be conducting some CIP v5 audits.

In addition, many NERC entities are still struggling with questions on appropriate procedures and technologies for compliance with the requirements of CIP version 5. There are perhaps many possible ways to comply with one requirement, but which is the most efficient for your organization? What have other entities done?

In order to help your organization answer some of these questions and to  introduce you to our NERC CIP consulting services, Deloitte Advisory is offering a free one-day on-site CIP version 5 “Quick Check.”  Two senior individuals from Deloitte Advisory will provide the Quick Check:

·       Tom Alrich writes a popular blog on NERC CIP. In his blog, he has identified, and tried to resolve, many interpretation issues in CIP v5. Tom will solicit beforehand a list of the biggest interpretation issues your organization has come across regarding CIP v5 and discuss his views on them - as well as discuss how other NERC entities and Regional Entities view them. He will also discuss the “implicit requirements” he has identified in CIP v5 and v6, and provide a written document listing them.

·       Dave Nowak is Project Manager for a multi-year Deloitte Advisory project to help one of the largest NERC entities come into full CIP v5 compliance. As Deloitte Advisory has been deeply involved with implementing almost all of the CIP v5 compliance procedures and technologies at this entity – and because Deloitte Advisory has permission from the client to discuss these with other NERC entities – Dave can provide good insight into how his client, as well as other Deloitte Advisory clients, is complying with a particular requirement. He will solicit beforehand a list of your organization’s questions on how other NERC entities are complying with particular requirements.

If you would like to take advantage of this free offer or have other questions, please email Tom at talrich@deloitte.com.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and don’t necessarily represent the views or opinions of Deloitte Advisory.

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