Friday, February 5, 2016

The Trades Step In

Yesterday, I pointed out that NERC was being “lobbied” by “some organizations” to have the CIP v5 compliance date pushed back to July 1. I can now reveal who those organizations are; they are the electric power industry trade associations, and yesterday they filed a motion[i] with FERC to move the date back to July 1.

They pointed out in their filing that “the Commission acknowledged in Order No. 822 industry’s concern with respect to implementing two versions of certain CIP Reliability Standards within a short period of time and stated that it “is willing to consider a request to align the implementation dates of certain CIP Reliability Standards ….”

I had forgotten about this statement in Order 822, but I would say it’s a fairly good sign that FERC will approve this request. However, betting on what FERC will do is a wonderful way to lose money.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and don’t necessarily represent the views or opinions of Deloitte Advisory.

[i] I am grateful to an Interested Party who brought this motion to my attention. I want to point out that anyone can subscribe to receive FERC documents on a particular docket. The docket for CIP v6 is RM15-14.


  1. I truthfully do not see all the fuss, (technical terms)! Standards have been around for so long and FINALLY it has reached the grid, let's face it, security is the foundation to any well organized business and its about time that FERC/NERC stand up and get the grid on line with the rest of the world. Security standards are common sense approach to ensuring you give your "customers" what they pay for without losing profit or charging too much for what they need. I do not see why we have to have so many different standards, as a security professional for over 30 years and the incorporation of NIST, it makes sense! STOP crying and get compliant!

  2. I guess you're entitled to your opinion, James. I somewhat doubt you actually work in the utility industry, though.