Thursday, November 3, 2016

This Post has Absolutely Nothing to do with NERC CIP

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

This blog isn’t primarily about sports, of course, but I do want to call your attention to the extremely prescient call I made in a post in December 2014:

"What are the chances the date actually will be pushed back?  I’d say they’re slightly better than those of the Cubs winning the World Series next year.  But you never know.  It’s been “Wait ‘til next year” for 106 years here in Chicago; one of these centuries, next year will come.”

Of course, I was off by one year (and I really only predicted that they would win the Series in say the next 3 or 400 years), but hey…I’ll take it. Now, you may point out that I wasn’t actually predicting the Cubs would win the Series, only that there was a non-zero probability that they would (perhaps .00001 percent). This is true, but I want to defend myself by underlining one of the realities of living in Chicago as long as I have (which is 44 years, although 26 of those have been in Evanston, Illinois): You could never survive if you got your hopes up for the Cubs every time they won a few games or engaged a promising pitcher – you would be doomed to repeated disappointment and likely suicide. So even admitting there was a non-zero possibility of their winning the Series took an act of extraordinary courage, if I say so myself J. From now on, such courage won't be required.

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