Monday, July 24, 2017

GridSecCon 2017

It may seem to be a little early to toot the horn for NERC’s GridSecCon  , since it won’t occur until October 17-20 (this year it will be in St. Paul, MN, a really beautiful city). However, I did notice that the early bird sign-up special of $300 will expire on Friday, July 28.

I have attended four GridSecCons, and after the first one I vowed I wouldn’t miss another. Each year it only seems to get better. So I already had my ticket when I was notified last Friday that I was selected to participate in a panel (on Thursday afternoon) on Supply Chain Security (Sharon Chand of Deloitte will also be speaking, in a panel on Insider Threat on Wednesday morning).

To be succinct, I have said for several years that GridSecCon is the single most important annual gathering of people involved in cyber security for the electric power industry. The presentations are always excellent, but what is most important are the networking opportunities. It sometimes seems as if everybody I would ever want to meet in the industry is at this conference, even though I know that’s not true. But I always meet a lot of interesting people, even ones I had never known about until we met!

If you haven’t yet been to GridSecCon, I highly recommend you try it this year.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and don’t necessarily represent the views or opinions of Deloitte.

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