Monday, May 28, 2018

My Recording from RSA is Up!

I’m pleased to announce that the recording from the panel discussion that I participated in at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in April is now available. I’ve listened to it, and confirm the audio quality is good.

The topic of the panel was “How do we Regulate Critical Energy Infrastructure Security?” My fellow panel members were:

  • Mark Weatherford, the moderator. Mark is the former VP and CSO of NERC and Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity at the US Department of Homeland Security (the first person to hold a cybersecurity role at that level in DHS).
  • Marc Sachs. Marc was until earlier this year the SVP and CSO of NERC (and head of the E-ISAC), and previously headed the SANS Internet Storm Center. What gives him deity-like status in my eyes is he owns, and has restored to full functionality, an authentic German Enigma machine.
  • Art Conklin, PhD is Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education in the College of Technology at the University of Houston. He has co-authored six security books and numerous academic articles associated with information security.

In listening to the discussion again, I was impressed at how Mark was able to elicit a lot of good insights from all of us – as well as from audience members. Mark is a very experienced moderator. This was one of three panels he led at this year’s RSA conference and he has moderated numerous panels in the past, at RSA and other venues. He has certainly learned that craft well!

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