Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On Screwing Up

At the end of my post yesterday, I chastised (tongue in cheek, of course) Lew Folkerth for making a mistake in his most recent article, which I analyzed in the post. I even suggested that his offense might warrant execution, although I recommended the execution be stayed. I'm very glad I did that, because my head would be on the block next to his! It turns out I made a few mistakes in the post myself.

First, my longtime friend Jim Batug, retired from PPL Generation, pointed out that I had referred to CIP-007-3 at one point, when I obviously meant CIP-003-7. I corrected that.

Then an auditor wrote in to point out two problems with the post. In both cases, I inserted what he wrote within the post.
  1. A paragraph where I tried to be Tom Alrich, Boy Engineer  and sound like I know more about substations than I actually do. 
  2. An implementation date mistake I made in the last part of the post (the part where I was roasting Lew for making a mistake!).
I just hope the auditor doesn't give me a PNC for this, since I can't afford a $1 million fine. But even that would be better than being executed. Barely.

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