Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This is your Chance!

The NERC Supply Chain Security SDT has just announced a one-day industry workshop in Atlanta (at NERC’s headquarters, most likely) on November 10. According to an email sent out yesterday, the workshop “proposed Reliability Standards requirements, guidance, and industry practices for mitigating the risk of cyber security incidents that may be introduced in the supply chain of industrial control system hardware, software and services associated with Bulk Electric System operations. The workshop is being held as part of the standards development process to address FERC Order No. 829.”

This will probably be the only chance that NERC entities get for live interaction with the SDT on this standard. You may want to save the date; while the email doesn’t mention it, I would guess the workshop will be “broadcast” via webinar. The sign-up details and agenda will be emailed out soon; I’ll publish them when I receive them. Or you can receive them if you sign up for the SDT’s Plus list. Send me an email at talrich@deloitte.com if you’d like me to send you the address to request that.

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