Friday, August 18, 2017

Another great news article, this time on EMP

It's almost embarrassing that, two days after I put up a post about an article in Energy and Environment News, I'm putting up a new one (I swear, they're not paying me!). This is an article that just came out today, and it's about EMP. It's really good. Like most E&E News articles, it's written without a concern to fit in a particular space - unlike another good (but too short) article on this topic from the Wall Street Journal. Of course, people who write long articles are near and dear to my heart!

One small quibble I have with today's article has to do with the last paragraph, where the writer, John Fialka, mentions that a number of other countries have started to take steps to harden against EMP. He adds "Whether the United States will join them remains a work in progress." NERC has just passed a standard to do just that, TPL-007-2, although it still requires FERC approval. Of course, opinions differ as to whether the standard does enough, but understanding those arguments is far above my pay grade.

Another good thing about this article is that it's part 1 of 2. I'll hopefully be able to give you a link to the second one after it's published next week.


  1. When I put this post up on Friday, I listed CIP-007-2 as the new GMD standard. It's really TPL-007-2. I knew it was the latter, but somehow I can't seem to write down the name of any NERC standard that doesn't start with CIP! I guess I need a long vacation....

  2. Great read on the subject is Ted Koppel's book, Lights Out: