Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lew Folkerth on Configuration Management

I apologize, but it seems I’ve fallen behind my minimum quarterly requirement of posts that quote from Lew Folkerth of RF. I just discovered Lew wrote a great article on configuration baselines and CIP-010 R1 for the RF Newsletter dated November/December 2017. You can find it by clicking on The Lighthouse in the table of contents on the left side of the page. I was also pleased to note that RF will now send out emails when new newsletters come out (which is bi-monthly), so neither you nor I will miss any future articles from Lew.

The article speaks for itself, but here are the points I found most interesting[i]:

  • Installed software and firmware listed in CIP-010 R1 should match software and firmware listed in CIP-007 R2 (Patch Management). Auditors check for this now, so you should definitely make sure they match on a regular basis, and even sync the two lists up if possible (page 16, last column).
  • A good tip for simplifying the job of CIP-007 R1 (Ports and Services) documentation by leveraging information from the baseline (p. 17, first column).
  • Benefits of a good baseline for incident response (p. 17, first column).
  • Lew’s recommended list of software and firmware to include in the baseline (p. 17, third column).
  • Lew recommends that firewall rules be under change management, whether or not they’re included in the baseline for the firewall.
  • The box about scripts on page 18 is worth the price of admission by itself! And that certainly doesn’t mean it’s worthless, even though admission to the article is free.
I recommend you all read the article, as well as subscribe to the newsletter.

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[i] A few of these aren’t new – in fact, I’ve written about them in previous posts) – but they’re worth repeating.

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