Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Are you going to RSA?

If you’re going to the RSA Conference the week of April 16 in San Francisco, I hope you’ll join me. I’ll be participating in two events:

First, on Thursday morning April 19 I’ll be participating in a panel entitled “How can we Regulate Critical Energy Infrastructure Security?” at 9:15 AM. You can reserve a seat here (I recommend signing up. When I attended last year, virtually all of the sessions having to do with security of control systems and critical infrastructure were filled, meaning they’d only let you in if a seat opened up - and then there was a waiting list. Since I hadn’t signed up, I missed almost all of these sessions).

My fellow panelists are Dr. Art Conklin of the University of Houston and Marcus Sachs of Coventry Computer, the former head of the NERC E-ISAC. The moderator of the panel is Mark Weatherford, former CISO of NERC.

Three hours later on Thursday at 12:30 PM, I will facilitate a “Birds of a Feather” conversation. The idea of these sessions is you can grab some lunch (or don’t grab it – your choice) and join me at Table H in the Golden Gate A room at the Marriott for a discussion of “How can we Regulate Cyber Security?” I deliberately chose this topic to be much broader than the topic of the panel discussion in the morning, since I’d like to hear people’s ideas and experiences with cyber regulation in general. I would be very interested in hearing what types of regulations and compliance regimes (i.e. auditing) work well for cyber and which don’t. There’s only room for eight people, so if this sounds interesting to you, you might want to try to get there early (since there’s no pre-signup for these sessions). Note that these sessions are only open to full conference participants.

And if you’d like to arrange a time to get together, I’m planning on being at the show and conference for its entire run, Tuesday through Friday. Please email me at the address below and we can set up a time and place.

Hope to see you then!

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